August, 2022

Hello LEHA people,

Welcome to the newsletter, something I put together to help us all understand what is going on. This newsletter isn’t as fun as the next one might be, but it has a lot of the basic info we need to know about. I am your new President, Megan Roberts, on 188 Shore Rd, Lot 40. My contact information is below, so feel free to contact me with any concerns. A caveat, though. If you don’t like the color of someone’s house, I’m not going to get excited! I will work with you to look at our Association policies and see if there actually is a violation, and then figure out what we can do about it.

Many of us are fairly new, myself included. Being a writer, I tend to get a bit wordy. Some people like that, some don’t. If nothing else, please read the bold print. Thanks.

It is a time of changes in the Association with so many houses going in all at once, compared to the slow pace before these last few years. When each of us bought our lot, we bought into a family so to speak, with rules that help to keep this a place we can love for many years. With these changes, it may be that some of the rules need tweaking or re-defining. Any one of us can suggest a change, and if enough people feel it needs to be changed it can be voted on at our annual meeting. So remember, you are a part of what we are and what we will be. Respect for each other goes a long way, and each of us are individuals with very individual likes and dislikes.

Another great way to make a difference and have input into what you are interested in is to join a committee. Attached are the committees and their expectations, so let me know if you want to join a committee. We want a variety of opinions!

Bulk waste has been mentioned in an earlier email when a mattress was left at the Common Lot. Basically, if it doesn’t fit in the trash, recycle, or cardboard barrel it doesn’t go there but goes to Readfield. Sorry, but everything must go inside the barrels. You may think someone will want that good box you left on the barrel, but it will most likely be blown away or wet before that happens. If it is too big for the cardboard barrel, cut it or rip it down until it fits. Trash and Recycle must be bagged and then put in the barrel. Everything inside a barrel, OK? Everything else goes to the Readfield transfer station. If Readfield is difficult for you, please ask for help. I have a trailer and go by Readfield quite frequently, as do others.

Poop - If your dog or cat poops anywhere that is not on your lot, it is easy to say it is no problem and they are just pooping in the woods or beside the road. But, the catch here is that it is somebody’s lot, not yours, and you need to pick it up, Common

Lot included. You may even want to pick it up on your lot so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. So, everywhere you go with your beloved pets, think PUP - Pick Up Poop.

The Association Dues of $350 a year are due by April 15. They pay for the road maintenance in winter and summer. It also pays for any common lot expenses (trash pick-up, kayak racks, docks and float, outhouse pumping).

Sept 15 - the annual Association Dues bill of $350 goes out. It is not due until April 15, but it is much appreciated if you pay it early by Dec 31.

If you want to pay it in two payments, the first payment of $175 is due by Dec. 31, and the second payment of $175 is due by April 15.

If you have not paid your bill by March, a second notice will go out to you.

Interest will start accruing on April 30.

We have signed a contract with Jeff Mrazik for the road maintenance, which you can find on our website. Please remember, if you have an issue with the road, don’t speak to Jeff about it. Instead contact me or a board member at He also does winter plowing of driveways if you need yours plowed.

Well, I think that is plenty for now. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Peruse our website ( It is always a work in progress, so if you have something to consider adding, please contact our webmaster listed on the homepage.

Until next time, enjoy our beautiful spot.

Megan Roberts

207-778-2964 (texting is good - I probably won’t recognize your number if you call)